Staff Augmentation

CGS offers various environmental and professional options for augmenting your staff.  Whether it is long-term, or for a specified amount of time. Allow us to exceed your expectations.

Water Division

- Soil/Sediment Handling, Sampling, T&D

- RO Membrane change-out, T&D

- Water pumping, sampling, T&D



Bulk Aggregate (rock, sand, gravel, etc.)

Disposal services

Manifesting and Bill of Lading service

Dispatching and Management

Rumble Strips

Loading and Unloading Management

Onsite crushing, grinding, and screening


Munitions and Range Clearance

Military Munitions Rule compliance

Lead Reclamation/Small Arms Range Rebuild

Operational Range Assessments


Transportation and Disposal of hazardous and

Non-hazardous wastes

On-site Waste Treatment

HAZMIN/P2 Compliance and Reporting

Aggregate Manufacturing and delivery

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Surface water and Groundwater Sampling

Waste Sampling, Characterization & Disposal

Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control

Installation and Maintenance of Storm Water BMPs

Debris Removal & Land Clearing

EPCRA Reporting

SB‐14 Reporting

Environmental Management System (EMS) Compliance